Cross Panama from east to west, get the true feeling of country. 

Freedom and independence – these are the words that characterize our Panama self-drive packages best. Panama features good roads throughout the whole country and it is rather easy to reach any destination by car. A stretch of more than 700km of the Pan-American Highway reaches from the Costa Rican border to Yaviza, deep in the Darien Province. At Yaviza the Pan-American Highway is interrupted, the so called Darien Gap provides no roads of any kind between Panama and Colombia.


You chose the rental car that suits you best. Small economic cars such as Toyota Yaris or Hyundai Accent are available as well as strong 4x4 vehicles for more driving pleasure. Your rental car will be delivered to your hotel and a representative of Panama Trails will sit down with you to discuss the best driving routes and the sights along them. Equipped with a good map and valuable instructions you start the self-drive adventure through Panama.


With your own car you have the flexibility to make as many stops as you like. Explore the restaurants, little shops, churches and other exciting points along the road and get the true feeling of Panama. Driving in Panama is an exciting adventure featuring many different landscapes. The hectic and heavy traffic in Panama City will lessen the very moment you cross the Bridge of the Americas. Then, driving is pure pleasure.
Drive along the beach, cross dense forests with hardly any daylight pervading the green canopy, follow curvy roads uphill to lovely mountain villages – a self-drive in Panama is full of diversion, full of surprises. Take an active part in the exploration of this varied and exciting Central American country.

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