359 tiny islands and the Kuna fascinating culture

Arriving here is like pulling the break and slowing down from the daily hustle and bustle. Take a deep breath and enjoy the unique island feeling to the full.


San Blas is an archipelago off of Panama’s Caribbean coast. The stunning archipelago is pure wilderness of sandy coral islands enclosed by a sapphire sea. San Blas, or Kuna Yala as the Indian tribe that inhabits the islands says, is an independent indigenous territory within the Republic of Panama. The Kuna are one of the best preserved indigenous tribes in all the Americas. Their picturesque villages on the tropical islands and their colorful cloths, the so called molas, are a photographer’s dream.


On your San Blas Islands Getaway you will only visit a few of the many islands and islets of the archipelago. The Kuna say the archipelago consists of 365 islands, one for every day of the year. The lodges on your San Blas Getaway are all run by a local Kuna family. They do not have more than 5 – 15 Bungalows, so you will enjoy a high degree of privacy on your island. The meals served on San Blas traditionally feature fresh local seafood. From fish, shrimps, lobster to squids and mussels you will find everything on your plate.


San Blas Islands are the perfect destination for those who are seeking for a different and memorable vacation.

Caribbean Paradise
During this trip you will experience the enchantment of the Caribbean San Blas Islands as well as the magic of Panama City. You will get what you need: a well deserved rest while...