Spectacular white sand deserted beaches & calm turquoise waters 

The legendary Pearl Islands got their name from an Indian King who ruled in pre-Columbian times and whose main occupation was pearl diving. Pearls were then used as ornaments and to trade. Of course the Pearl Islands awoke the greed of the Spaniards. Vasco Nuñez de Balboa was the first attracted by its wealth in gold and pearls. Later in history, the Pearl Islands sheltered famous pirates of different nationalities that for several centuries looted the wealthy Spanish settlements and fleets.


On your getaway vacation you will discover these islands even more beautiful than rare pearls. An abundant quantity of white, black and golden beaches and coves surround the lush and green islands embedded between the temperate and calm turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. Many fresh water rivers and streams flow into the ocean creating a food source for many species of fish. This provides excellent opportunities for exciting inshore fishing.


On our Pearl Islands Getaways you will stay at a hotel of your choice and enjoy the inspiring ambiance of the breathtaking surroundings. You will stay on either Contadora or San Jose Island. Contadora features different hotels, from small boutique retreats to big all-inclusive resorts you can find everything. The small and picturesque village is a great place to spend your leisure time. San Jose Island is especially famous for its abundance of wildlife. Big populations of wild pigs, deer, iguanas, agoutis, parrots and giant pigeons as well as about 100 other species of birds are located on this small island.


No matter how you decide, your Pear Island Getaway will let you relax in spectacular surroundings – ideal to renew your energy.

Pearl Islands Paradise
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