Entertaining adventure at one of the world’s most stunning archipelagos

Crystal clear water, extensive white sand beaches, pristine tropical islands – Panama is best explored sailing. The pristine San Blas Islands with the fascinating culture of the Kuna Indians are the highlight of the Caribbean Sea, whereas the mystical Pearl Islands can be found off Panama’s Pacific coast.

The two archipelagos are very different one from each other, but the stunning natural beauty, the secluded sand beaches and the turquoise waters they have both in common. If you are looking for a unique Panama adventure, our San Blas and Pearl Islands sailing tours are the perfect way to discover Panama on a way not many have travelled before. Sailing through the stunning archipelagos will let you feel a freedom you have never known before.

Your captain will take you to his favorite parts of the islands, show you hidden secrets, secluded bays and if you’re interested you might even assist your skipper. All meals on board will be freshly prepared, often featuring local sea food. During the stay on board of your San Blas or Pearl Islands sailboat soft drinks, beer, wine and domestic liquors are included.

Spend a couple of days on a comfortable catamaran or on a monohull sailboat, explore Panama’s tropical islands the best possible way: sailing.

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