Panama’s diverse landscape makes the perfect hidden getaway 

Just married? Looking for a romantic getaway to escape and spend a lot of time with your beloved? Panama’s diverse landscape and sparse population make this Central American country the perfect hidden getaway for your honeymoon.


Small and romantic hotels can be found throughout Panama. The Casco Viejo – Panama City’s colonial quarter – offers the perfect surroundings for your nights in the country’s capital. Beautifully restored houses, small and exquisite restaurants just footsteps away and an impressive history accumulated in this small district, the Casco Viejo is the perfect choice for all honeymooners.


A honeymoon always includes romantic twosomeness at the beach, watching the sunset hand in hand… Panama’s more than thousand islands and islets in both, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, will allow you to do just that. On the fascinating San Blas islands off Panama’s Caribbean coast you will enjoy the typical Caribbean island. White sand dotted with one or two green palm trees and surrounded by turquoise waters. A stay on one of these islands in the indigenous territory of the Kuna Indians will be an unforgettable experience for the two of you. On the Pacific side several islands are suitable for your honeymoon: the legendary Pearl Islands with their abundance of wildlife in the dense forests and unbelievable quantity of fish just off the shore.


To set an antipole, your Panama honeymoon also features lovely mountain retreats. Chalets tucked away from the busy daily life, hidden in the dense cloud forests of the mountain range will make your honeymoon a cozy getaway with your partner. Enjoy the lush nature surrounding you and wake up with the large number of birds singing blithely at sunrise.


Your Panama honeymoon will allow you to share unforgettable moments with your loved one. All the true memories and adventures you will take home with you are just yours.

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