Panama a country for the adventurous 

Panama has always been a country for the adventurous. Ever since Rodrigo de Bastidas set foot on Panama’s shore this country challenged each and every visitor. The lush vegetation, miles of beaches and high mountains are the ideal surroundings for a big variety of adventure activities.


The strong and wild rivers of the Chiriqui province are especially during the green season excellent for white water rafting and kayaking, the nearby extinct Baru volcano offers one of the most challenging hikes in Central America. The Boquete / Volcan region as well as El Valle offer many more possibilities to enjoy a hike through the virgin rain and cloud forests. A faster and perhaps more fun adventure is a zip line tour through the dense canopy. Hold on tight and enjoy the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you pass from platform to platform through the tropical tree tops. A scenic horseback ride is also a very nice option to breathe in the nature’s fresh air while crossing dense forests, dry grasslands and even fresh rivers. For the ones with good stamina an adventurous mountain bike tour on the challenging roads and trails will be an unforgettable experience.


In Panama the adventure does not stop at the coastline. On both, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea many off-shore adventures are waiting for you. Enjoy the lovely underwater world surrounding Panama’s pristine islands. Top destinations for snorkeling are Bocas del Toro, the San Blas archipelago and different spots just off the Pearl Islands. For the ones that like to reach deeper, professionally led scuba diving tours will make your underwater adventure unforgettable. If fishing – either inshore or offshore – belongs to your favorite vacation activities, Panama is the spot to be. With the country’s name meaning “abundance of fish” and its 2’490km coastline the fishing opportunities are infinite. Blue Marlins, Tuna and many more species of fish are just waiting for you. Prepare yourself for the adventure of your life.

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