Quetzal's Trial, one of Panama's most beautiful hikes

The town of Volcán is a quaint little mountain community located at the foothills of the Barú Volcano. This alpine village is nestled in the Chiriquí highlands – the land of eternal spring – with a diverse combination of rainforest, lush emerald green meadows, springs, rivers, waterfalls, high mountain lakes, coffee plantations, vegetable and flower farms, dairy farms, racehorse and cattle ranches.


Its main attraction is the National Park Volcan Baru, which is Panama’s only volcano with its seven inactive craters. This park is also home to the Sendero Los Quetzales, which is one of the most scenic treks in Panama and one of the most important places to spot the resplendent Quetzal bird between the months of November and April.


Volcan is a little town with only a few hotels and mountain lodges. This is the perfect place for those looking for a remote, unspoiled, natural vacation spot !

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