Large corals in open water. One of a kind!

The pristine San Blas Archipelago includes picture-perfect tropical islands with white sand and coconut trees. Depending on whom you ask, the number of islands varies between 365 and 380, many of them with no people living on them. Less than 60 islands are home by an Indian tribe, the Kuna. The Kuna is one of the best preserved of all the indigenous cultures of the Americas. The Kuna people are so determined to protect their heritage that they have maintained their autonomy since the Spanish first arrived over 500 years ago. The San Blas province has its own government – the indigenous independent congress – and each island is run by a chief. Tourism is limited to only a few of the islands. But with its turquoise waters, the white sand beaches dotted with palm trees and thatched-roof Kuna villages, the San Blas Archipelago is absolutely worth a visit.


Most of the hotels are owned and operated by the Kuna tribe and most offers rustic rooms built out of bamboo and board. There are a few hotels like the Coral Lodge, that offers a pool, bar & restaurant, amenities and AC rooms.


Yandup Island Lodge
Yandup is a paradise island surrounded by coral reefs. It has a little beach with calm and crystal clear water and miles of sand within walking distance. Yandup belongs to a small ...