Portobello National Park  World cultural heritage Monument by UNESCO

Although today it is little more than a sleepy fishing village on the shores of the Caribbean, Portobelo was once the greatest Spanish port in Central America. Gold from Peru and treasures from the Orient entered Panama City and were carried overland by mule to the fortresses at Portobelo. During the annual trade fair, galleons laden with goods from Spain arrived to trade for gold and other products from the New World. However, much like Nombre de Dio, Panamá and Fuerte San Lorenzo, Portobelo was the target of constant attacks at the hands of English privateers. 

El Otro Lado Luxury Accomodation
Cocooned in Portobelo Bay, a small fishers village declared by Unesco as a World Heritage, El Otro Lado offers a unique mix of design, culture and nature that vibes in color and cr...