One of the richest marine & bird sanctuaries on the planet

The Pearl Islands are an archipelago located just 90 kilometers southeast of Panama City in the middle of the Gulf of Panama. It can be reached either by plane or by boat and offers beautiful and calm hotels to stay. An abundant quantity of white, black and golden beaches and coves surround the lush and green islands embedded between the temperate and calm turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. Many fresh water rivers and streams flow into the ocean creating a food source for many species of fish. This provides excellent opportunities for exciting inshore fishing what makes the archipelago a paradise for fishermen and divers. Also the land species are really abundant: big populations of wild pigs, deer, iguanas, agoutis, parrots and giant pigeons as well as about 100 other species of birds are located on the islands. In pre-Columbian times, the Pearl Islands were ruled by an Indian King whose main occupation was pearl-diving. Pearls were then used as ornaments and to trade.