Enjoy spring-like weather all year round!!

Tucked away on the eastern slopes of Barú Volcano at 1200 meters is the small and charming mountain village of Boquete. Known to produce some of the sweetest oranges and richest coffees in all of Panama, Boquete is quickly becoming a destination for those visitors seeking the sunniest though cool mountain weather. Boquete's healthy climate has prompted many to believe it is the secret to longevity, since many native Boqueteños have lived well on past their one-hundredth birthday.


Boquete's surrounding hills and slopes are primarily covered in shade-grown coffee plantations, providing a rich product recognized by international connoisseurs. Coffee is primarily picked by the Guaymi Indians during the months of October through February. Coffee picking season is a festive time and colorfully clad Indian families come from various parts of the province to harvest the coffee cherries.


Boquete is also well known for birding. The town is home to an abundance of birds equal to those found in the cloud forests higher on the mountain. One of the most famous is the Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala that is nearly extinct there but has found refuge in this area. 


Boquete enjoys a comfortable year-round climate ideal for active retirement living and outdoor adventure seekers. Among the numerous activities are hiking, mountain biking, climbing, canopy, and rafting. For the less adventurous, Boquete offers natural hot springs and miles of well marked hiking trails to explore the wonders of the cloud forest.
Visitors will find a wide range of accommodation options in Boquete, from secluded mountain lodges to luxury hotels and resorts with all the services and amenities of a first class hotel.