Land of traditions and folklore of Panama

The Azuero Peninsula is a paradoxical place. It feels isolated from modern Panama, frozen in an idyllic past, with lots of charm and natural beauty left. Azuero is the wellspring of Panama’s favorite folkloric traditions – beautiful traditional clothing, such as the stunning pollera, and handicrafts, such as ceramics based on pre-Columbian designs, originated and are still made here. The same is true of some important musical and literary traditions. Even Panama’s national drink, the sugarcane liquor known as “Seco”, is made here. At the few beach hotels on Azuero it is still possible to find a deserted seaside paradise. The beaches are wide and long, the waters filled with big fish and, in some places, extensive coral. Isla Cañas, off the south coast of the Azuero, is the most important nesting spot for sea turtles on Panama’s Pacific coast: Tens of thousands lay their eggs there each year.