One of Central America's top surf spots.

Surfing has for decades been the main draw for visitors to Santa Catalina; but there is much more to do in Santa Catalina than just surfing. The village is also the closest access point to Isla Coiba which is literally a tropical paradise, offering a plethora of wildlife to spot, jungle to explore, and sea life to dive or snorkel with. Coiba Island, once a prison camp operated by the Panamanian government, is now a national park and a natural sanctuary protected by UNESCO. The park covers an area of 270,125 hectares (667,493 acres), of which more than 80% is sea. The park also contains the largest coral reef in the tropical Eastern Pacific. Just a short distance off the park’s west coast, at Hannibal Bank and Jicaron, the sea drops down much deeper to several thousand meters.

Surf lessons and board rental are available as well.

Dive Tour
Everyone meets at the Dive Center at 8am to meet your hosts, register and get any rental gear needed and a full trip briefing. This exceptional tour brings you into the heart of the most secluded dive destin...
Snorkel Tour
With the widest variety of coral species, Coiba Island boasts impressive schools of fish, turtles, squid, eels, sharks, dolphins and whales. Snorkeling is a great way to view marine life below the surface wi...