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In the last couple of years Panama has experienced a big increase in the number of hotels and resorts in the city and in its main tourist destinations. We have carefully selected a small group of hotels, lodges, and resorts, that we believe are the best in each area always looking for price, value, character, and good service.

For your convenience, please find our selected hotels & resorts divided into the 7 major regions commonly used to classify hotel locations. The main hotel regions are Panama , Chiriqui, Cocle, Bocas del Toro, Colon, San Blas, and Azuero Peninsula. 

Additionally, the hotels in each region are further divided into sub regions. In Panama, visitors will find a wide variety of modern luxury hotels in Panama City, and small boutique beach hotels at the Pearl Islands. If you travel to Chiriqui and decide to go to the highlands, you will find nice mountain lodges both in Boquete and Volcan. If you decide to travel to the Lowlands, Boca Brava Island is the place to go with its paradisiacal unspoiled beaches. Cocle, which is close to Panama city, offers a wide variety of mountain bed & breakfasts at EL Valle, and a selection of all inclusive beach resorts in Playa Blanca. Near the city is Colon and the famous Gatun Lake with its exuberant rainforest and wonderful hotel options. At the Archipelago of San Blas, there are more islands than days, but only a few hotels available mostly owned and operated by the Kuna tribe. At the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro visitors will find a wide selection of nice small beach hotels in Colon and its nearby islands. Last, but not least, is Azuero Peninsula, with its charming colonial towns and the beautiful coastline.

Please browse through our selection of hotels & resorts and discover the best that Panama has to offer!



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