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El Otro Lado Luxury Accomodation

Cocooned in Portobelo Bay, a small fishers village declared by Unesco as a World Heritage, El Otro Lado offers a unique mix of design, culture and nature that vibes in color and creativity. It is set among 110 hectares of unspoiled land, surrounded by steamy rainforests, swampy mangroves and multi- colored coral reefs. It is conveniently located 90 minutes from Panama City in a quiet harbor where Christopher Columbus dropped anchor. There are no roads on that side of the bay, thus getting there takes a picturesque 10-minutes boat ride.This boutique hotel is an astounding well-kept secret that belongs to be in the best design magazines.


The high-design living "gazebo" features an exquisite mix of patterned tile floors, white and pink sofas, Kuna Indians artwork, hand-painted wooden furniture, African masks and black-and-white photographs taken by the owner. The four Caribbean "casitas" (suites) were designed with a burst of shades, considering that the influence of color on health is as important and powerful as the effect of the moon on the sea. Color pallets in each room are inspired in the surrounding nature; green from the jungle, blue from the sea, yellow from the sun and purple from the Portobelo spirit.Wedged in a culture of rich afro-Caribbean tradition and natural reserves, activities are endless: snorkeling, kayaking trips, art tours, wildlife tours along the mangroves, rainforest walking tours, fishing, climbing the nearby colonial fortifications and more. El Otro Lado offers a matchless experience of harmony with cultural understanding and modern relaxation.


~The attention to detail and creativity in El Otro Lado rooms is truly unique. The chromatic harmony embodied in each "casita" evokes a calm nourishing vibe. Most of its wooden furniture and colorful art and crafts are made in an on-site workshop; fascinating hand-painted wooden furniture, pattern-tiled floors, indigenous accents and black-and-white photographs taken by the owner. Sensory buzzes come straight from its incredibly artistic interior design!Suites feature:• King size bed • Desk • Large living area with an escritoire and comfy sofa • Some houses have a fully equipped kitchenette • Private TerracesThe host invites:• Daily breakfast • Boat transportation from Portobelo to El Otro Lado • Complimentary Wi F


The food served at El Otro Lado is a Fusion cuisine with a delicious blend whose goal is to satisfy diverse palates by uniting native foods from Europe, America and the Orient.  Caribbean fusion cuisine is the consequence of centuries of savory influences of the great colonial powers, which left their mark by folding their culinary customs into the rich variety of native Fusion cuisine is a delicious blend whose goal is to satisfy diverse palates by uniting native foods from Europe, America and the Orient.  The idea is to offer a journey through the textures and flavors of the fare here at El Otro Lado. Experts counsel that the secret to a gourmet preparation is to achieve a balance of colors, quantities and quality. The chefs of El Otro Lado, Juan Rios and Mirna Chavarria, work every day with this formula.


Restaurant, Bar, Infinity Pool, Activity Center, Spa Services

Tours & Activities

Chagres River Excursion and Visit to the Embera Tribe This fabulous day trip offered by El Otro Lado, begins with a 45-minute drive to the Chagres River, where a canoe, led by an Embera native, will take guests upstream to the village. Guests will learn about the culture and lifestyles of the Embera Tribe, listen to their music, and enjoy their dance performances. Guests will also enjoy an indigenous meal (fried fish and green plantain).San Blas Archipelago The archipelago of San Blas is one of the most lush, photographed and sought after destinations in Panama. It is famous for its 365 almost-deserted islands, its beautiful white sand beaches, clear waters, its dazzling "molas" art, and the interesting culture of the Kuna Tribe. El Otro Lado also organizes tours by helicopter to enjoy these magical islands.~ver Excursion by Kayak This is one of the most recommended activities of El Otro Lado. At either early morning or just before sunset (4:30PM), guests will enjoy the river and its mangroves as they silently navigate either a hand carved dugout canoe (a cayuko hewn of Espave Wood) or a modern kayak. They decide how long they want the ride to be.River Excursion On the Faraona This is an wonderful journey down the river, on Farona boat, where guests can enjoy nature in a setting like no other, while El Otro Lado staff serves them a ceviche with a cold drink.Tour Historic Portobelo Portobelo was crucial to the Spanish Empire during their colonial period. Guests will learn about this historic town guided by an El Otro Lados guide who will show them the ruins of the colonial fortresses that protected the city, the historic Royal Customs House, the Church of the Black Christ and other points of interest declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Art Workshop In collaboration with The Portobelo Bay Foundation, El Otro Lado organizes an art workshop, where a young local artist teaches guests how to carve and paint a wooden craft with Portobelanian expressions. Guests are invited to create a unique piece that is 100% Portobelo that they will take as a souvenir!Congo Dances The Congo Dances is a typical Portobelo tradition. With its rhythmic drums and vocals, accompanied by clapping of hands, it is perhaps the most authentic manifestation that has remained since the period of colonial slavery.


Despite the mistreatment of slaves, these men and women never lost their sense of zest for life and the need to celebrate. To watch the Congo Dance is to witness a free spirit who comes in touch with his ancestors, giving life and expressing movement. It is both positively contagious and stunning. Dance Of the Devils The Devil's Dance is a morality play presented in dance; a traditional and ancient enactment that symbolizes the transition to freedom of the Afro-Caribbean slaves. Their costumes, which includes a hand-carved huge and grotesque masks, are inspired by animals and mythical characters. Through passionate dancers, the interactions portrayed are between good and evil, the sacred and the profane, the beautiful and the ugly, life and death.Zarancunde Dance The zaracundé dance recounts to the events, when as victims of abuse and slavery in colonial times, the black Cimarrones, runaway slaves, escaped to the mountains. The dance is performed with the tunes of a single drum, a solo and a chorus of voices replying. Costumes are made of dried banana tree leaves that form a skirt, a bib and mask of the same material. They also carry a "motet" or basket full of gourd. 

Dates Room Meals Rates
      Sgl Dbl Tpl
From: 01 FEB 18 To: 19 DEC 19
Casa Grande


$578 $578 $688
Forest & Sea House


$715 $715 N/A
Spirit House (2 Suites)


$1342 $1342 $1342
Sun House


$792 $792 N/A



*Rates include:  Maritime transportation from Portobelo to hotel, Breakfast at the Gazebo, WIFI, transfer near to beaches like Puerto Frances or Las huertas Activities included: 45 minutes hiking, Use of kayaks, stand up boards and paddle boats. 

*Children under 12 y/o pay US$ 60.00 p/n.
*Christmas and Festive Dates minimum stay required 3 nights and New Year is 4 nights.
*Suite Casa Grande (#2 & #3) Additional person rate: $130


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