Bocas del Toro - Bastimentos Islands
Azul Paradise

We are a family-run hotel , American owned and operated, eco-friendly resort . Our staff is mainly composed of indigenous Ngobe -Bugle premises nearby village of Salt Creek . We are completely outside the network , so we are always preserving , if it comes to water, propane or electricity. Our menu consists kitchen mixed with some ingredients Caribbean . A normal day at our beach may vary from completely calm to many tourist boats stop for lunch. Almost every night , you will see the local community walking along the beach with their families and pets. There are also four children, three dogs and two cats living in the complex. It is a wonderful community of people and a quaint and unique place.


Double Bungalow:  deck , TV, two bathrooms, a bedroom with two single beds, room with a king bed and air conditioning .

Deluxe bungalow:  Air conditioning, coffee maker , hair dryer , television, a king bed, flat glass , hammock on the sea deck.
Caribbean view bungalow : a double bed, TV, flat glass , deck (we have two with AC and other non AC ) .

In addition to the bungalows also have 5 houses for rent, all with kitchen, living room, with capacity from 4 to 10 people


We have a main restaurante and a tiki bar. Breakfast and dinner are served in the first and the second is open for lunch and afternoon drinks.

Dates Room Meals Rates
      Sgl Dbl Tpl
From: 05 JAN 19 To: 15 DEC 19
Deck View Bungalow


$329 $329 N/A
Caribbean Bungalow


$385 $385 N/A
Deluxe Bungalow


$468 $468 N/A
Master Suite & Double Bung


$549 $549 $549

Caribbean Bungalow  A/C, wil be available under request.


Meals Plan Options 2018-2019:

• Option #1: Basic Meal Plan: Adults $90,00 per person per night / Children $ 65,00 p.p (under 10 y/o) Includes: 1 meal plan to choose between breakfast, lunch and dinner and two non-alcoholic beverages per meal/ per day. Including purifield water refilis, coffee and tea. 

• Option #2 Semi- inclusive: Adults $145,00 per person per night / Children $90,00 p.p (under 10 y/o)  Includes: 1 main plate per meal per day. beverages: beer, wine, and rum punch, sodas, juices, purifield water refilis, coffee and tea. 


• Option #3: Premium All- inclusive Adults $190.00 p.p. only adults.    Includes: Unlimited Meal Option, Appetizers, snacks and Desserts, frozen drinks and smothies & all available liquors including top shelf.


Roundtrip Boat Transfer Bocas del Toro - Lodge - Bocas del Toro add USD 160 per party/per way (1-4 pax).  For stays longer than 3 nights transportation is complementary.  For stays longer than 3 nights transportation is complementary departing at 10:30am and 06:30 PM.  


Check-In: 12:00hrs Check out: 11:00hrs

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