Chiriqui - Boquete
Boquete Tree Trek Mountain Resort

We have ensured that the accommodations here have been designed to perfectly blend with the rugged beauty of the region . Starting with the rustic log siding that makes up part of the exterior walls, the lodgings here let guests know that this hotel is in perfect harmony with nature. This is a true eco-resort, and its wonderful accommodations make that abundantly clear.


There are four rooms with one queen-size bed and six with two queen-size beds, these rooms are spacious and offer the best amenities the resort has available. Also some of these rooms offer the capability to connect for those parents traveling with their children.


The Rio Cristal restaurant is a quaint place to get an excellent meal. The menu ranges from hamburgers to pastas, steaks and other fine dishes, each offering generous portions for reasonable prices.  Moreover, our breakfast selections include pancakes, fresh fruits, muffins and other selections, allowing everyone to enjoy a great meal that gives them energy for an exciting day.

Dates Room Meals Rates
      Sgl Dbl Tpl
From: 03 JAN 19 To: 02 JAN 20
Cabin (except holiday dates)


$127 $127 $149
Standard (except holiday dates)


$99 $99 $121
From: 03 JAN 19 To: 03 JAN 20
Cabin HOLIDAY RATES (see dates below)


$146 $146 $171
Standard HOLIDAY RATES (see dates below)


$114 $114 $139

Children under 6 years old are free, sharing room with 2 adults

Each additional person has an extra cost (please contact to our sales department)

Continental breakfast included

Maximum occupancy is 4 people per cabin



HOLIDAY DATES 2019:​January 9 to 31st*date subject to change; March 1st to 06, April 17 to 21st; May 1st, June; September; November: 1st to 6, 9 to 11 & 28; December: 7 to 9, 24 to 26 & December 31st to January 2. 


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