The Azuero Peninsula - Azuero Peninsula
Made in Herrera

Discover the manufacturing process of the traditional products of the Herrera Province: sugarcane, salt, clay and bread. Experience the manufacturing process of two important local liquors: seco and rum, from the sugarcane plantations until its distillation and bottling; see the extraction of salt from the Pacific Ocean; visit the production of handmade clay pottery; and learn how the famous La Arena bread is baked.


he village of La Arena is also very famous for its tradition in Pottery. Clay is extracted from several places on the Azuero Peninsula and after drying it in the sun and mixing it with water twice, the raw material is taken to the potter’s wheel where skillful artisans shape jars, vases and many other forms of pottery. After shaping the pieces, they are dried in the sun for several hours before being baked in wood-fired clay stoves and finally painted with colorful designs.


The extraction of Salt from the Pacific Ocean has been practiced in the region long before the Spanish arrived to the Americas. In the chronicles both Andagoya and Espinosa write about huge salt deposits the different indigenous chiefs had when they arrived to Azuero. Today, the process of extracting salt from the ocean is still the same as it was hundreds of years ago: during high tide seawater is led through channels into shallow pools. The water remains in these pools up to 15 days while it evaporates little by little, leaving behind large salt crystals. The salt is then extracted by skillful salt workers with special instruments, always avoiding mixing the salt with dirt to maintain its purity.


Sugarcane was brought to Panama from the Caribbean islands by the Spanish during the conquista. Especially in the Herrera Province, sugarcane has ever since become the most important crop for the local economy. Sugarcane is processed artisanally – it is grown during Panamanian winter (May – November) and harvested in summer (December – April). Once it is cut, its juice – called Guarapo – is extracted. The juice is then being processed into sugarcane honey which is then used to sweeten coffee and pastries.


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Half day

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From: 01 NOV 16 To: 31 OCT 19
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* Minimum 2 passengers.

*Tour operate daily at 08:00 am.

* Childrens from 06 years old pay as adult.

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