Veraguas - Santa Catalina
Dive Tour

Everyone meets at the Dive Center at 8am to meet your hosts, register and get any rental gear needed and a full trip briefing. This exceptional tour brings you into the heart of the most secluded dive destinations and one of the best shark diving spots in the world. In the outstanding islands of Coiba you will encounter some of over 760 species of fish and 33 species of sharks, including Galapagos sharks, silky sharks and schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks, among others. We depart at 8:30am to the boat a head out for our first dive. The ride is about one hour to the first dive site. We do two dives that morning with a stop at either the ranger station or a secluded beach for the surface interval. We then go to the ranger station for a nice lunch and some time to relax before going back to Santa Catalina.  


Boat transportation, National Park entrance fee, & equipment.


7 hours

What to bring

Bathing suit, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses



Dates   Rates
From: 01 NOV 16 To: 31 OCT 19
Rate Adult $235
Children N/A
Private N/A
Private child N/A
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